Times change

It is time for a change..... 
I didn't choose this change, it chose me.

Brand new beginnings. The name is different, but the person you have been creating with over the last 18 and a half  years is the same.

What has not changed?

Amazing products
Fabulous workshops

I will be adding new product as it is available. From tomorrow new product will be uploaded and you will be able to see some different things that you have all been hanging out for PLUS the studio is open. A great range of products in stock and ready for the taking.

I will also be creating an online store where you can purchase products and have them sent directly to you, or you can come and browse in my shop and touch and feel the amazing products on hand. For those that have been here, you know there is a lot of stock always available with no waiting.

Looking forward to seeing you all here.


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